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What should i do now?

November 18, 2015
how come he doesn't get excited about me? i've paid for dates i've done his laundry when he needed help, i'm an amazing cook and he has my heart but he doesn't pursue me or make me feel special.

I have 0 friends. help?

November 18, 2015
Okay so I'm a seventeen year old girl. I have no friends. I'm not saying I have very few, I'm saying I have NONE. I don't understand it. I am just a nice girl and the friends I HAVE had have used me and treated me like a doormat. Now I have no one. I am extremely lonely. I never go out anywhere, because I have no one to go with. I am starting to be afraid that there might be something wrong with me? I mean not everyone has a million friends but they atleast have one or two good friends. Please there something wrong with me? I try to be nice and forward when it comes to people but I just can't make friends. =(.

Does he like me or am i a rebound?!?!?

November 17, 2015
ok so ive know this guy for about 7 years, we hung out in a big group in our early teens and after knowing him about a year or so he kissed me and told me like really liked me, asking me out.

The first website link was his obituary

November 9, 2015
The previous day, I Googled my father, who I havent seen in 3 years. When I confronted my mom about it, she said, Oh, didnt I tell you? and walked off.

I cannot believe what occured earlier this week

November 8, 2015
Earlier this week, on a first date, I finished eating my sushi, feeling proud to have managed chopsticks so elegantly and then rubbed my eye, oblivious to the fact I had just touched some wasabi.

What to do ??

October 30, 2015
Okay so...My�bestmate was with this�boy one night�a few months back. I've known him for alot�of�years. but�now my bestmate has a boyfriend and are completely 'in love' . so not to�long ago we were all out at a club and the boy she was with�once asked me t.

Top marina mandarin guide!

October 27, 2015
Stayed here while apartment hunting for places in NYC- great choice and I ended up extending my visit multiple times during my stay because they were so accommodating and the rooms are chic, large lofts with plenty of personal space and this place makes f A week ago, I had to explain to a cop that the reason I was speeding was because my girlfriend was in the hospital due to a car accident.. He was working the accident just ten minutes before and saw me leave behind the ambulance. A day ago, I was playing ball with my student during recess. My first attempt at throwing the ball hit him in the head.

Dating friend's "exbf" and now we're growing apart. help!

October 26, 2015
Hi so a couple months ago, one of my really good friends decided to hook me up with her "ex". I gave her a long speech saying that I don't want this to ruin our friendship and that if she thinks it might, then I won't meet him because it's not worth losin.

My thoughts on despicable me 2

October 19, 2015
A watchable but ultimately disappointing animated comedy, thanks to a weak central performance, a plodding, frequently lazy script and a depressing lack of decent laughs.

Should someone else's dating experience carry over into yours?

October 17, 2015
One of the many things that I've ran into when starting a relationship is when everyone else always tries to chime in with their experiences. Sometimes, I'm okay with this and other times, I am not. One example I am fine with is if I'm stuck on a dilemma.

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